Some help with my project please

Apr 24, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Edited Apr 25, 2012 at 10:50 AM

OK, so I came across showui and it seems to fit my requirements pretty well. I have a sys admin background, and manage some relatively large file clusters. I've used quite a bit of powershell, no WPF.

I need some users to be able to run, schedule and manage robocopy jobs that run on the server, using a GUI in order to restrict what they can do and make it simpler.

So I want a WPF app that will allow them to do this:

- Specifiy source and  destination for a robocopy job, and run now.

- Monitor the output of the job, ideally in the same app

- Schedule the job - i.e. create a scheduled task on the server

- Modify the schedule

I am OK so far creating an interface so they can run the job based on source and destination they enter, with the robocopy options specified in the code. But ideally the actual execution of the job should run on the server. Also, they need to see the output. So my questions are:

- Can ShowUI be used with PS remoting, so actually running on the server?

- Can the robocopy console output be displayed in the WPF GUI? I dont want to read the log file and update it, it goes much too quickly.

- Can it interact with scheduled tasks to create them etc - this was listed as a feature of WPK, can showui also do this?


Update: PowerShell 3.0 has some better integration with task scheduler, so this should help.


Thanks for any help.