Component Paths not found

Post module installation tests generate similar errors as: PS C:\Users\cibersmurf> New-Label "Hello World" -Show New-Label : The term 'New-Label' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, funct...

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Unsigned script will not load in Powershell 5.0 [Solved]

When I try to import showUI into PowerShell 5.0 ISE I get an error message saying that I cannot import an unsigned script. import-module : Errors occurred while loading the format data file: C:\Us...

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Crash when doing Ctrl+C

When issuing a break (Ctrl+C) on the command line ShowUI causes the PowerShell environment to crash, either using powershell_ise.exe, powerhshell.exe (with STA switch or -AsJob). To reproduce, ...

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ShowUI UIValue should be a script property

Currently, ShowUI relies on handling events to "update" the "Tag" property and doesn't recurse past named elements (assuming that they'll handle their own value updating). It would be better if in...

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Error Handling for On_Click Events

Hello, all. I'm new to PowerShell, so forgive me if this is something obvious. I'm kind of hoping it is, though. :) I've been working on this project using the ShowUI module for the past few w...

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RibbonUI/FluentUI Add-UIModule Fails

After Importing the ShowUI Module, Attempting to use Ribbon Control fails looking for Modules\Ribbon.dll Attempted to Use the System.Windows.Controls.Ribbon -> .NET 4.5 and Fluent UI 2.1 Release...

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Explain how to unblock files

The default download is painful on an NTFS filesystem (every script run is prompted for). Here is a utility that solves this.

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Error when calling Edit-StringList cmdlet

ShowUI 1.3 on WIN2K8 R2 x64: Error when calling the Edit-StringList cmdlet and passing a value to the -List parameter. Example: Edit-StringList -list ("test1","test2") -Name "Testlist" -Show ...

Id #2111 | Release: None | Updated: Apr 26, 2013 at 4:25 AM by Jaykul | Created: Jan 19, 2012 at 7:23 PM by Dirk_74

ShowUI doesn't load under .NET 4 due to async keyword

In my config files for the PowerShell console and ISE I have added v4.0.30319 for supportedRuntime. When I try to load ShowUI, I get a bunch of errors the first of which is: : Identifier expected; ...

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Double Animation with Storyboard Crash

The following code example crashes: New-TextBlock -Name "labelHello" -Text "Hello World" -FontSize 36 -Foreground GREEN -Cursor "Hand" -Triggers { New-EventTrigger -RoutedEvent ([System.Windows.C...

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