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ShowUI UIValue should be a script property


Currently, ShowUI relies on handling events to "update" the "Tag" property and doesn't recurse past named elements (assuming that they'll handle their own value updating). It would be better if instead of being FORCED to update the value on each event, we could fetch the value on demand.

Let's make sure that the Tag property can be a scriptblock property. If not then when getting values, check first for the ShowUIValue property, and if it's there, invoke it (as an event, passing it the object) and set the returned value on the Tag.

Once we've sorted that out, provide guidance about the best way of doing this stuff. This would allow custom controls to handle their value on demand instead of having to update it on every value change.

Potentially, this might not work for certain data-binding scenarios where constantly updated Tags are nice, but we wouldn't be removing anything we have now, just offering another option.