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About ShowUI

ShowUI is a PowerShell module to help build WPF user interfaces in script. ShowUI makes the complicated world of WPF easy to use in PowerShell. You can use ShowUI to write simple WPF gadgets, quick front ends for your scripts, components, and full applications.


Some Quick Examples

Here's a "Hello World" in ShowUI

New-Label "Hello World" -Show

Here's a quick front end to for Get-EventLog


$getEventInput = StackPanel -ControlName 'Get-EventLogsSinceDate' {            
    New-Label -VisualStyle 'MediumText' "Log Name"            
    New-ComboBox -IsEditable:$false -SelectedIndex 0 -Name LogName @("Application", "Security", "System", "Setup")            
    New-Label -VisualStyle 'MediumText' "Get Event Logs Since..."            
    Select-Date -Name After            
    New-Button "Get Events" -On_Click {            
        Get-ParentControl |            
            Set-UIValue -passThru |             
} -show            
Get-EventLog @getEventInput


Installing ShowUI

ShowUI is now available for download. To get started: download the link, and unzip it to:


For example,

C:\Users\James Brundage\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Modules

In a PowerShell host of your choice, Run:

Import-Module ShowUI

This will generate ShowUI module. Don't worry... it only needs to do this once.

What's Next...

If you have ideas, bugs, or feature requests, please use the Issue Tracker.

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